January2023 NGANCebu City – The National Nutrition Council Region VII’s longest running radio program Nutri-Game Apil Na! (NGAN) kicks off its first episode with topics and questions on staying healthy during the holiday season on 01 January 2023 via DYSS 999 khz Super Radyo Cebu.

Now in its 20th year of live airing, the program is the region’s most interactive game show on nutrition which promotes good health through proper nutrition. The show, with airtime provided for free by RGMA network is a brainchild of NNC 7’s RNPC Dr. Parolita A. Mission. It is anchored by MIND 7 member and nutrition advocate Ms. Lesly Comiso – Magalso with DMO II Norre Jean V. delos Santos as one of the game masters.

January2023 MalunggayCebu City – Why is malunggay very popular in the country? Is this food worth the hype?

For thousands of years, people have hailed the plant malunggay (moringa oleifera) for its therapeutic properties. It contains a lot of beneficial antioxidants and bioactive plant substances.

It has been demonstrated that malunggay (moringa oleifera), in particular, benefits women. Numerous research has revealed the various advantages of this food, which is well-known for being a crucial one for boosting breast milk production.

January2023 Maternal EducationCebu City – In relation to the article on maternal income previously uploaded on this webpage, the author Makuku argues that “high household income cannot guarantee positive outcomes” [i] if mothers are not equipped with nutrition knowledge and have limited autonomy in food procurement, there is still a high risk of malnutrition[ii].

Studies show the nutritional status of children with educated parents, particularly mothers, are generally better compared to those with uneducated ones.[iii],[iv] Education of mothers not only afford them better opportunities to earn income for the food and health security of their families, but it also has implications on the effectivity of nutrition information dissemination and how mothers use the information provided to them during these campaigns.

January2023 LeadersheepCebu City – Leadership is one of the vital parts of a successful program or advocacy. Defined as the technique whereby a leader or individual persuades a group of people to work toward a common objective, leadership is known to be both a relationship and a process. This 2023, LGUs are looking forward to a fresh and new beginning to continually improve their health and nutrition implementation.

As a process, leadership includes not just the leader himself/herself but also his/her followers, and the situation itself. Different leadership philosophies are required for various situations and types of followers. But how does one become a good leader?

January2023 nutrition journeyCebu City- A new year is also a celebration to start a new journey in life. This is another opportunity to start new healthy habits that improves your overall health. New year, New me as they say right? So why not start a new adventure to a healthier version of yourself this year.

Simple changes in daily routine is the way to create consistency in new habits, here are three tips for you to try!

January2023 Gut HealthCebu City – Little did we know that our gut has a crucial role in our health, safety, and survival. Making it so is a big deal. Our gut is a 9-meter-long organ with more than 800 folds, and if put out flat, it would cover a full-size tennis court. It includes 1.5 to 2 kilograms of germs and accounts for around 70% of your immune system. A healthy immune system depends on a gut microbiome that typically contains a wide variety of various helpful microorganisms. It is crucial for controlling your immune system's response to infection or injury while preventing it from attacking healthy body tissue.

Our intestines are home to hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, each of which has a unique function in maintaining health and differing nutritional requirements. One specific vitamin that is an important element in the formation of proteins for immunity is Vitamin K. The production of several proteins is necessary for blood clotting and bone strength and is aided by vitamin K.