January2023 Women NutritionCebu City – Always known as “ilaw ng tahanan”, mothers are often given the responsibility of caring for their family’s health and nutrition. Recent studies show that maternal income can affect their family’s health and this article discusses how low socio-economic status is often correlated with limited food access and health literacies.

In areas of socio-economic disadvantage, mothers often have limited resources to provide enough food and nutrients for children which leads to malnutrition[1]. Even if there is food available, there is no guarantee of the quality and quantity of food for the consumption of growing children in these areas. The situation is further aggravated by increased risks to diseases due to exposure to unsanitary environments. Children from these low-income families, not only have limited access to healthy food but to other health and sanitation facilities as well, are eleven times more at risk according to a study[2].

January2023 Official HRHNsCebu City - New year, new contracts… this has been the professional reality of human resources in the Deployment Program of the Department of Health all over the Philippines. This journey has been faced by these personnel annually, and the contribution of these human resources in mobilizing local government units for greater outcomes, especially in the field of nutrition is unprecedented. This 2023, the National Nutrition Council of Region VII is grateful to have been allocated twelve (12) Nutritionist Dietitians (NDs) under the National Health Workforce Support System.

These NDs will be deployed in the municipalities of Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental, and Siquijor, handling two to three municipalities. With the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) as the main framework of the implementation of nutrition programs, their main function is to ensure that the local nutrition program aligned with PPAN, is running well in the LGUs they cover. This may be done by acting and ensuring the functionality of the Local Nutrition Committees headed by the local chief executives (LCE) and other strategies based on the local situation. The main challenge is to rally support from LCEs to increase investments in nutrition, integrate local nutrition action plans in the development plans, and ensure their implementation.

January2023 MutyaDumaguete City – Dumaguete City’s Association of Barangay Nutrition Workers (their local term of BNSs) organized a Mutya ng BNS on 23 December 2022 at Barangay Batinguel covered court. The event was participated by nine (9) barangays of Dumaguete City and represented by the following candidates:

January2023 Healthy ReminderMary Carmelli C. Garrovillo, Cebu City - Happy New Year, everyone!! It is now time. Now is the perfect time to remind everyone about how we can improve our nutrition even more. As the year 2023 begins, a new clean slate is ready for the taking. Let’s dive in deep, slowly but surely replacing our destructive food habits with stronger and more beneficial ones.

First things first: eating correctly is crucial and can have a significant impact on our health, but more significantly, on our level of energy and independence. A healthy diet involves consuming more nutrients than just calories and ensuring that our bodies have the proper ratio of vitamins and minerals for optimal performance. That is why eating healthfully is so crucial!
So, here are some advice on how to eat better:

January2023 ResolutionCebu City - New years are good opportunity to start new and become better version of ourselves. Making healthy lifestyle changes, quitting harmful habits, and improving your well-being are all fantastic things to do at the start of a new year. Among these include getting back in shape and losing weight.

Here are some actions you can do to improve your health in the coming year and reach your wellness objectives:

January2023 Nutrition and TechnologyCebu City In today’s modern era, information is widely available everywhere, not only exclusive in local newspapers, radio and TV stations but is now broadly available on the internet, with an extensive scope on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. These social media outlets don’t only influence the way we think and communicate, it also impacts our perspective on food and eating.

Technology is now a reality we can’t escape, but lucky enough for us, information at present can be accessed and found everywhere, not limiting our resources to hard bounds and book binds. As we are already shifting to this new age, Nutrition Promotion will be made easier boosting it online, since almost everyone is already using the internet. Information dissemination is made easier, allowing for greater reach of target audience.