The Regional Bantay Asin Task Force (RBATF) conducted a salt monitoring on 10 May 2017 to selected distributors in Borongan City, Eastern Samar.

The salt monitoring is one of the activities by the National Nutrition Council through the RBATF to address the challenges on iodine deficiencies. It is likewise aimed at mobilizing the local government units to monitor and revitalize the Asin Task Forces in the locality.

Composed of Ms. Christine Ty (FDA VIII), Ms. Christine Padua (FDA VIII), City Sanitary Inspector Arnel Estrobo, DILG representative, police staff from the PNP Borongan City and staff from the NNC inspected and monitored salt store distributors. In particular, the team interviewed the storage capacity and protocol, source of salt and availability and store licenses to operate. Salt samples were also collected for iodine content determination by the Department of Science and Technology.

ASIN Law, which was signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos as Republic Act No. 8172 in 1995, aims to promote the use of iodized salt to address the lack of micronutrients in the country. The law further requires all salt manufacturers to iodize the salts they produce and distribute.

Based on 2016 Regional Operational Plan, 100% micronutrient supplementation of iodine is targeted among pregnant women to reduce thyroid disorders.  According to WHO, Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD), which can start before birth, jeopardize children’s mental health and often their very survival. Serious iodine deficiency during pregnancy can result in stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, and congenital abnormalities such as cretinism, a grave, irreversible form of mental retardation that reduces intellectual capacity at home, in school and at work. ###