nnc logoA CONCEPT by the National Nutrition Council (NNC) in enhancing mobilization of community support for Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF) program is the development of a Model Barangay in every province of the country, which will serve as learning ground for other barangays to emulate. The strategy on this innovation is to concentrate focus in areas that will most likely succeed, rather than sooner spreading energies throughout all barangays.

The end objective in mobilizing community support for IYCF is predominantly to populate communities with as many peer counselors as possible—that could guide pregnant and lactating women in the locality on the recommended feeding practices for infants and young children.

Rina A. Ladrera, NNC-8 nutrition officer, revealed this during a Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plans (MELLP) and on Promotion of Good Nutrition (PGN) by the Regional Evaluation Team (RNET) conducted on Southern Leyte towns on August 27-29, 2014.


The RNET namely Clytie A. Sta. Cruz, Celeste Dae D. Malanguis and Rina A. Ladrera of NNC-8, Paz Socorro A. Cordova of PopCom, , Lina M. Gayas of DoLE, and HIMSoG-8 Jack C. Gadaingan visited the towns of Macrohon, Padre Burgos, and Limasawa.

The criteria for selection of the model barangay are: it must be an outstanding barangay of Green Banner, CROWN or Nutrition Honor awardee; it must have a functional Barangay Nutrition Committee (and city/municipal nutrition committee); and willingness of its leaders and residents to mobilize community support for IYCF programs--and organize peer counselors/support group to conduct peer counseling to pregnant and lactating mothers.

Meanwhile participants to the training on Community Mobilizers for IYCF ideally shall be composed of barangay chairperson, barangay councilor on health, school principal, senior citizen, rural health midwife, day care worker, SK representative, women’s group representative, community-based organization, purok leaders, barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholars, mother leader, and identified IYCF peer counselors.

Prior to the training for the Barangay Mobilizers and Peer Counselors, participants on the orientation on community-support for IYCF should have initially identified IYCF peer counselors, based on the following qualifications:The Peer Counselor is best a woman with successful breastfeeding experience; who has a similar background to the women to be counseled; with experience in community work; a resident in the community; a respected member of the community; who can allocate and commit time for the program; motivated to help other mothers; and can read and write. (Jack C. Gadaingan)