Media Caravan e.Samar 2017Media Caravan e.Samar 2017On December 19-20, 2017, after the ravaged of Tropical Storm Urduja, the Harmonized Initiatives of Media for the Spread of Good Nutrition in Region 8 (HIMSoG-8), flocked for a media caravan in the province of Eastern Samar. HIMSOG-8, an organization of media practitioners coming from various media outlets in different places of the region aims to fight hunger and malnutrition in Eastern Visayas through the power of media.

The media caravan was conducted in three (3) municipalities to wit, Salcedo, Mercedes, and Gen. Mac Arthur. Prior to its conduct, the members of HIMSOG-8 identified the three (3) municipalities based on the functionality and structure of the Municipal Nutrition Committees (MNC). The purpose of the media caravan is to advocate in the local government units the importance of nutrition specifically, to the local chief executives and its council and further to get possible action and contribution on how to reduce malnutrition in the region.


Led by its President Antonio Pueblos, the team was able to get in touch with Mercedes, Mayor Enrique Cabos who made a conversation on how to improve the Mercedes’ nutrition situation. The group was able to direct and laid the strategies, programs and thrust of the Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition (PPAN) 2017-2022. One of the commitments provided in by the group is the continued assistance on nutrition program advocacies through media.

As of visit and upon nutrition initial needs assessment (NINA), the identified municipalities recorded no casualty and no noted untoward incidences especially on nutrition problems. However, some agricultural areas were heavily flooded which may pose a risk on food supply.

The successful media caravan was participated in by HIMSOG 8 members: Mr. Jack Gadaingan, Mr. Ray Gaspay, Mr. Nelson Braga, Mr. Mel Caspe, Ms. Cecilia Tibo, and Ms. Evelyn Baccol and NOI Novida Rico of NNC RO8