NNC CoaPALO, Leyte - The National Nutrition Council Region 8 (NNC8) has wrapped up the month January with Comission on Audit (COA) and Annual Inventory of Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) and Semi-expendables Property.

The Commission on Audit (COA) has conducted exit conference on transaction for the year 2022. Based on the random audit, the region got three Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM).

These included monthly bank reconciliation (BRS) for the line bank account of NNC 8 were not regularly prepared and submitted to COA 8, incorrect preparation of the monthly cash in bank registers (CIBRs) and the Special Disbursement Officer (SDO) did not prepare the Cash Disbursement Register (CDRegs) to monitor and control the granting and utilization of cash advance.

Before the regional management reply, they answered verbally with the auditors which they attentively listened.

Administrative Aide VI Ms. Clytie A. Sta Cruz responded to the first AOM by telling the auditors that the unit prepared BRS but was only submitted to NNC CO and did not copy furnished the local COA office.

Moreover, on second AOM, Sta. Cruz verbally replied that CIBRs are prepared per fund but should have been based on the chronology of cheque numbers issued. RNPC told auditors that he agrees also that it should be based on chronology of cheque numbers instead of per fund as the unit has only single bank account.

Furthermore, on the failure of SDO to prepare CDRegs, RNPC reasoned out that they only prepare petty cash disbursement vouchers as proof of monitoring of cash advances.

At the end of the exit conference, the management promised the auditors to follow all their audit recommendations. The management will submit it written reply before the end of the same day.

Meantime, the unit also conducted an inventory of PPE and semi expendable properties issued to NNC 8. Technical and administrative staff who are members of the Regional Inventory Team scrutinize all its received PPE and SEP and transcribed it to the new form as required by COA Circular #2020-006 date issued January 31, 2020.

To ease the inventory process which is usually done by NNC CO inventory team, NNC Assistant Secretary and Executive Director IV Azucena M. Dayanghirang issued a memorandum reconstituting the Regional Inventory Team composed of RNPC, AA VI and one other technical staff usually Nutrition Officer III and a COA Representative as observer. The inventory went well and was certified correct by COA rep. The inventory report was submitted to NNC CO on the deadline so that it will be included in NNC CO consolidation.

The activities are necessary for l government agencies and employees on the fidelity of government funds and all equipment are accounted for and made in public as observed by COA representative. #RNPC-CPD