Inopacan TKPALO, Leyte - The National Nutrition Council has officially kicked off the implementation of Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) on February 13, 2023.

In Eastern Visayas, Inopacan, Leyte started a synchronized launching of the feeding program intended for 6-23 months old children.

Alisa Geromo, Municipal Nutrition Program Coordinator nurse, had a sleepless nights before the kick off.

She organized the mothers, community volunteers (BNSs and BHWs) and barangay councils (BC) in four targeted barangays.

The four barangays included Poblacion, Conalum, Tinago and Esperanza.

Alisa’s sleepless nights turned into happiness after a successful simultaneous launching of the feeding program.

She visited the four target barangays one at a time with her Rural Health Midwives (RHMs). She oriented RHMs, BC, BNSs/BHWs and mothers on the 30-day cycle menu using a Rice Mongo Blend (RMB) and RMB with sesame seeds.

On Alisa’s observation the partner-beneficiaries were so happy of the feeding program. The mothers were so enthusiastic in participating the dry feeding.

The community volunteers like the BNSs takes charge of the feeding flow and identify the child-participants while the BHWs prepares the feeding paraphernalia. If the child-participant is not able to go to a centralized feeding areas the BCs fetched these children and brought to the centralized feeding areas.

Alisa happily reported to the RNPC that in Barangay Conalum, the BC established a Barangay kitchen.

She hopes that the 3 barangays will follow. The RNPC also suggested to MNPC Alisa to advocate the barangays to establish a kitchen garden using sando bags and recycled tins.

Apparently, with experience of Alisa, a well-planned and coordinated activities will be successful if everybody will cooperate and participate. #RNPC-CPD