San Sebastian TKPALO, Leyte - Barangay chairpersons, treasurers, and nutrition-health workers gathered on August 19 for a general orientation on the Tutok Kainan Dietary Supplementation Program (TK-DSP) of the National Nutrition Council Region VIII.

LGU San Sebastian is one of the 10 municipalities in Samar Province which will be a beneficiary of the TKDSP Phase 5 which targets Nutritionally At-Risk (NAR) Pregnant Women. The Rural Health Unit (RHU) of San Sebastian led the orientation which were facilitated by the Municipal Health Officer (MHO) Dr. Jayme James Tambaoan and Municipal Nutrition Action Officer (MNAO) Joy Gobi.

NEDA UNICEFPALO, Leyte – Dr. Catlaino P. Dotollo, Jr, regional nutrition program coordinator of the National Nutrition Council – Region 8 (NNC8) has attended the feedback meeting of joint learning visit of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and UNICEF on the First 1000 Days (F1KD) program implemented in the selected pilot sites in the province of Samar.

The joint NEDA-UNICEF learning visit was headed by NEDA Undersecretary Rose Edillon with central office staff and officials and the UNICEF Deputy Country Director Behzad Noubary, Nutrition Manager Alice Nkoroi and other UNICEF staff and officials.

Said visiting officials visited the municipality of Sta. Margarita, Samar as their “deep dive” session to see realities on the nutrition situation of the visited sites. Likewise, their nutrition program implementation.

Northern Samar MellpiTACLOBAN CITY - The National Nutrition Council Region 8 (NNC8) has conducted an orientation on Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation (MELLPI) guidelines in Northern Samar from August 30-31, 2022.

Participants of the orientation were Dr. John Ezekiel Valera, the Provincial Health Office Technical Division Chief; Ms. Hannah Abigail Bautista, the Provincial Nutrition Action Officer; Ms. Judith A. Olmedo, FHSIS Coordinator; Ms. Shirly Alba, former Provincial Nutrition Action Officer; and other nutrition office staff.

During the activity, Alba shared that some of the activities reflected in their PNAP were not implemented due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Ramel Bandibas, Development Management Officer II and Annalyn Crosa, Project Evaluation Officer extended their expertise by discussing every dimension and needed Means of Verification (MOVs) of MELLPI Pro form that the Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) will dig into during the RNET visit.

BaseyPALO, Leyte – Dr. Catalino P. Dotollo, Jr., regional nutrition program coordinator of the National Nutrition Council Region 8 has sat down with the committee hearing on the Sangguniang Bayan resolution “Creation of Nutrition Office in the Municipality of Basey”.

The said SB resolution is sponsored by SB Committee on Health, Hon. Elnora C. Quebec.

Hon. Quebec laid down the foundation on the creation of nutrition office, identfying at least 18 legal basis why such will be created. The said SB resolution is on its second reading. She further said that the creation of said nutrition office is crucial as the nutrition sector has always been not a priority and is competing with equally important health programs such as the COVID 19 response.

MELLPI Leyte validationPALO, Leyte - The Regional Nutrition Evaluation Team (RNET) conducted Monitoring and Evaluation of Local Level Plan Implementation Protocol, dubbed "MELLPI Pro", on August 18, 2022, at the new Leyte Provincial Capitol.

The RNET, joined by Ms. Joan Peñero of DOH, Ms. Evelyn Baccol and Mr. Nelson Braga of HIMSoG-8, and NNC 8 Technical Staff, Ms. Thaiza Cajigas, Mr. Gerico Sabalza, and Ms. Darlene Lendero, evaluated the 2021 nutrition program implementation in the province, as well as the local nutrition focal point, specifically District Nutrition Program Coordinator Ms. Ferlin Martinez.

The team was welcomed by SP member Hon. Raissa Villasin, who expressed her gratitude to the RNET and the Provincial Nutrition Committee (PNC) for holding the activity to further improve the delivery of nutrition services in the province.

The Provincial Nutrition Office, led by Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Ms. Melinda Mendoza, the PSWDO, PHO, PPDO, and DYMP were among the PNC present at the said activity. #PDO1-DAFL

PMNPPALO, Leyte - Region 8 representives from the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and the National Nutrition Council attended Orientation and planning workshop on the implementation of the Philippine Multi-sectoral Nutrition Project (PMNP).

As a follow up activity, the same representatives meet to finalize the Regional Organizational Structure and Workplan. Both are crucial in the implementation of the project.

The Philippines Multisectoral Nutrition Project (PMNP) is a World Bank grant of about US$178.1 million loan or closely PHP 10 billion to support Philippines’ efforts to combat malnutrition.

The PMNP will support the delivery of nutrition and health care services at the primary care and community levels to help reduce stunting. Stunting is characterized by prolonged nutritional deficiency among infants and young children. It will be implemented in 235 municipalities known to have high incidence of poverty and malnutrition.

In region it will be implemented in four provinces namely Leyte, Samar, Northern Samar, and Eastern Samar. There are 22 municipalities included in Leyte, 21 in Samar, 14 in Northern Samar and 13 in Eastern Samar. Eastern Visayas has the most number of LGUs to be covered with 70 municipalities.