There are five additional special features to be developed for the online portal of the Compendium of Local Ordinances and Issuances on Nutrition.  

  • First special feature to be included is a “Featured Local Policy of the Month” which shall include a brief narrative with policy analysis of the featured issuance  
  • Second, new additions to the Compendium portal will be announced in the “Newly-added Local Ordinances and Issuances” section with narratives for each newly-uploaded ordinance that pass the screening process from our regions.  
  • Third, “Legal Analysis of Ordinances” section will be released and updated quarterly, providing LGUs with a take on sets of ordinances in the Compendium from a legal perspective.  
  • Fourth, periodically, the Compendium portal will update its “Generic Ordinance Templates” that incorporate the national policies and laws, as well as the innovative features of existing ordinances within similar thematic clusters.  
  • Fifth, the portal will periodically provide suggestions for updating existing ordinances given new directives and commitments from the national, regional, and international level at the “Updates from the International, Regional, and National Levels” section.